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  • ENVIABLE POSITION Seafront, directly on the beach of Jesolo Lido, in the most central area of the city and a few steps from the bus station and the famous pedestrian island of "via Bafile".
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Civic Museum of Natural History in Jesolo

The exhibition of dinosaurs at the Civic Museum of Natural History in Jesolo is surely one of the most important in Italy of life-size reproductions of extinct animals.

Characterised by the great scientific accuracy and the dynamic poses, the exhibition has numerous reproductions of dinosaurs and much more!

Already during the phases of design and creation it was important to take advantage of expert advice from noted animal art workshops and paleontologists. Some models were specifically created for an outdoor environment; this is the case for the model of the Tirannosaurus rex, 6 metres in height and 8 metres in length, represented in a true-to-life scene of predation of a Parasaurolophus, also in life-size measurements (5 metres by 7). Also created for outdoor exposure we can find reproductions of: Styracosaurus, Gastonia, Protoceratops and the small Velociraptors (Cretaceous), Stegosaurs and Ceratosaurs (Jurassic) and Placerias (Triassic). Some models, for their peculiarity and their dimensions, need instead to be located in an indoor environment. This is the case for the reproductions of Dilophosaurus, Herrerasaurus and Oviraptor (2metres in length).


In the exhibition there are also marine reptiles !! You will be able to see a life-size reproduction together with its relative cast of a fossil, of an Ichthyosaur, a Squalodontidae, a link between actual marine mammals (cetacea) and their predesessors. Also in this case we are witness to a true-to-life reproduction of about four metres in length.


There are also flying reptiles, like the big Tapejara (Jurassic), with its wing span of eight metres and various little Pterodactylus, whose lower body was covered with fur, indicating therefore the possibility to regulate its own body temperature. The fossil cast and a life-size reproduction (notably realistic and scientifically accurate) of the Archaeopteryx, a feathered dinosaur of the Jurassic period, introduce the theme of transition between reptiles and birds. To complete the topic, a true reproduction of the Gastornis, an enormous flightless bird from the Cenozoic era and two beautiful examples of birds which became extinct during the last centuries because of man: the Dodo (Raphus cucullatus) and the Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis).

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  • ONLY DAY USE (without accommodation): beach + park + beach hut, shower and luggage deposit! Enjoy a complete day at the sea, without necessarily having to stay overnight!
  • From this year, a Light Lunch is possibile at our seafront terrace, with flexible hours
  • New Mobile App "Info Tourist"
  • Also this year, there are new rooms "New Classic"!

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