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The Regulations of the “Hotel Solemare” accommodation facility are set up to guarantee everyone a uniform, orderly, peaceful and peaceful use of the same. Failure to comply with the Regulations and the other provisions of the Management may result in the removal from the Structure of the offender and the related reporting of the fact to all national and international tourism organizations, unless also reported to the Public Authorities if the non-compliance could possibly to suggest the commission of a crime.
All guests are required to comply with the Internal Regulations of the Accommodation, shown in the illustrative booklet displayed in the rooms and must also comply with all the specific indications given in the signs placed in the area owned and / or pertaining to the Hotel.
The parents and the group leader are jointly and severally responsible for the acts performed by their minor children, or by the minor members of the group, inside the Hotel and must ensure that all the rules of this regulation are generally respected.
The Management, as required by the current laws of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel without notice anyone who does not comply with the Regulation or behaves in such a way as to cause damage or disturbance.
Any activity that may disturb other Guests is prohibited. Any violation of the rules of this regulation and the common rules of civil coexistence and good performance of the Hotel will result, at the discretion of the unappealable judgment of the Management, the removal from the Hotel within 5 hours from the dispute of the facts. In this case, the Hotel Management is entitled to withhold the sums already paid and to demand the remaining sums, also by way of compensation for the damage, except for the right to compensation for the greater damage ascertained.

Rules during the stay

Room cleaning and availability: The customer has the right to have the room from 14:30 on the day of check-in (day of arrival) until 10:00 on the day of check-out (day of departure). During the period of stay, the room will be available to the maids on the floors for 30 minutes during the day from 08:30 to 17:00 for daily cleaning. If the customer does not want the room to be redone at the time indicated, he will effectively lose the right to the daily makeover. As a rule, bed linen is changed every 3 days, while towels are changed every day. Other changes of linen are possible but will be considered as a supplement.

External and unregistered guests: for public safety reasons, guests are not allowed to access other people within the accommodation at any time. The entrance to non-holiday makers, the visits of family members or friends, inside the accommodation or rooms for exclusive use must be authorized by the Management, in addition, the visitor is required to leave an identity document with the Management that he will collect at the exit from the structure. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO STAY IN THE ROOM PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN REGISTERED BY THE AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL.

Staff access to occupied rooms: If, in addition to normal access for cleaning, for maintenance or other reasons, it is necessary for hotel staff to access an occupied room, or in case of significant changes in the time of cleaning and services, the Hotel undertakes to inform and agree with guests on any need for staff to enter an occupied room.


Laundry: it is possible to use the internal laundry service at the rates indicated in the room and at the reception. The delivery must take place in the appropriate bags and the delivery will take place after 48 hours. Particular items and dry cleaning will have to be agreed from time to time as the structure turns to external services.

Tables, chairs and deckchairs: they are provided in some categories of rooms (Superior, Deluxe, Seafront) where possible. It is forbidden to bring outside tables or chairs or cushions or deckchairs that are intended for indoor use, and vice versa.

Behavior: Kind customers are asked to behave respectfully within the structure during the entire period of their stay.
• At any time, within the structure, behaviors, activities, games and the use of equipment that may disturb other guests must be avoided.
• Adults are responsible for the behavior of minors entrusted to them.
• A behavior that at any time of the day and in no way damages the tranquility of others must always be maintained.
• Please do not slam the doors but accompany them, if you return to your room late please close the door of your room gently so as not to disturb those who are already sleeping. Please keep quiet even in the corridors and stairs.
• Keep all environments clean and tidy.

Use of bedrooms and bathrooms: The rooms are simply furnished. Although not of great value, these furnishings are “family goods” and deserve all possible respect. Upon your arrival you will find the rooms and linens cleaned and disinfected.
• Any damage caused to furniture, furnishings or equipment will be adequately assessed with the owners of the business for the relative reimbursement.
• Our rooms all have private bathrooms in the room, therefore, unnecessary waste must be avoided.
• Inside the bedroom or bathroom you will find everything you need: blankets, pillows, towels, personal hygiene products, etc. It is forbidden to bring anything outside in the rooms, bathrooms or in any case inside the apartment (e.g. towels, shower towel etc.).
• The linen change (which you find clean at the beginning of your stay) takes place every 3 days for the sheets (or in any case at every customer change) and every day for the towels. If expressly requested by the customer, a daily change of sheets can also be made, but there is an additional cost.
• During the stay, the bedrooms and bathrooms are cleaned every day from 08.00 to 16.00, therefore we ask our kind guests to leave the rooms free within this time; otherwise, if occupied during this time, cleaning will be carried out the following day. you.
• Take care to turn off the light of the rooms, the air conditioners and the TV when you are outside the room / accommodation.
• WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY FOR THE OBJECTS OF YOUR PROPERTY LEFT UNATTENDED IN THE ROOMS and therefore you are kindly requested not to leave valuables unattended inside them. A safe is available in the room, use it.
• Do not throw substances other than those for which it was designed into the toilet. Do not clog the toilet with diapers, paper or other bulky material. Use the appropriate baskets.
• The use of electrical and / or electronic musical instruments other than those supplied is prohibited in the hotel rooms.

Music and Radio: The reproduction of music from devices owned by customers is allowed only through the use of earphones, or inside the spaces and exclusive use as long as they can in no way annoy other guests.

Disturbing noises: It is forbidden to use hooves, listen to loud music and any other object that may cause disturbance. From 22:00 in all rooms the acoustic volume must be moderate.

Bicycles, Scooters and similar: The bicycle rental service is included in the stay and intended for guests. The service is available from 08.00 until 23.00 every day. Any delay in delivery or damage caused will result in the cost being charged to the customer responsible for the asset given to him at that time. The use of bicycles is prohibited inside the structure and outside the permitted spaces.

Notices, rules and prohibitions:
• It is forbidden inside the premises: smoking, making use of narcotic substances, speaking out loud, shouting, slamming doors or windows. All the specific indications on the signs placed in the area owned and / or pertaining to the Hotel must also be respected.
• It is forbidden to throw objects either from the balconies of the rooms or from the apartments.
• It is not allowed to play games with the ball outside the spaces and times reserved for them, except for the initiatives possibly carried out by the animation service staff during the hours of their activity.
• It is an obligation to respect the vegetation, the soil, hygiene and cleanliness of the structure, any damage will be charged to those who cause it.
• It is not allowed to enter areas reserved for hotel staff.
• It is not allowed to throw papers and rubbish out of the appropriate bins or containers.
• It is not allowed to enter with weapons, knives, sticks or tools considered blunt.

Clothing: Inside the hotel, decent clothing is required and respectful of the sensitivity and modesty of others. It is not allowed to move inside the common areas barefoot, bare-chested or topless.
It is not allowed to enter with weapons, knives, sticks or tools considered blunt.

Pets: The hotel accepts upon request and confirms pets. For hygienic reasons and for any allergies from other customers, pets are allowed only in certain rooms and only in some areas. On the beach and in the restaurant are not allowed. Dogs and other animals must in any case be kept on a leash. All owners are asked to clean where they get dirty and are responsible for damage caused by them. Please do not leave the animal unattended in the room to avoid damage and moans that could disturb other guests. Any damage to doors, windows, furniture or linens will be charged. The dog must be kept on a leash or under close control of the owner to avoid frightening or attacking other guests. Pay attention to the presence of other animals. Do not allow animals to make their own needs within the facility. Be in compliance with the vaccinations provided for by national and regional laws and with the mandatory marking (chip tattoo medal …). The access of dogs or other animals is at the discretion of the management.

Hours of hotel services: Respect the times shown to use the services (restaurant, bar, swimming pool, reception).
Unless otherwise stated, the times are as follows:
• Bar: 07:30 – 24:00
• Breakfast room: 07:30 – 10:30
• Restaurant for Lunch: 12.30pm – 2.30pm
• Snack Bar: 12:00 – 20:30
• Dinner Room: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm, admission is welcome by 8:00 pm
• Concierge reception: 07:30 – 23:30 (to communicate with the reception, dial 9 from the phone)

Cars, motorcycles, mopeds and various means:
• Upon arrival, the reception will deliver a coupon to be filled in and left at the reception in order to be able to contact the customer in case of emergencies and needs. b. Motorcycles and cars must park in the parking area.
• The guest contractually asks the Management for an unappealable judgment on the particular annoyance and / or seriousness of parking his vehicle in a prohibited place and authorizes as of now, with every possible exception raised, the forced removal and the deposit in a place chosen by the Management itself with an increase in the cost of the service
• In order to ensure peace of mind for all hotel guests, moped owners or tenants must take care to start their vehicle outside the parking area, near the access ramp to the rolling road.
• The car parking is reserved only for hotel guests and employees.
• The owners of the vehicles that stop obstructing the free exit of others must entrust the custody of the keys to the receptionists, or guarantee the immediate availability of the owner at any time for any reason.

Behavior, damage:
• Who causes damage to the building, movable property, equipment etc. it is held legally responsible within the scope of the current regulations. Intentional theft and damage will be immediately reported. Upon departure, the hotel staff checks the rooms and the costs for the replacement of any damage or loss of keys are charged and are payable at the time of check out.
• The management declines all responsibility for any injuries to minors, who must be accompanied by their parents and / or carers.
• Visits or private or business meetings are allowed in the common rooms of the hotel, in the bar, in the restaurant and in other common areas, but it is not allowed to host people in the rooms that are not reported and declared at the time of registration.
• Respect the hours of afternoon quiet and night rest.
• Please use the rooms, furnishings, equipment and inventory that are made available to you with respect.
• The loss or breakage of the key and debit cards will be counted with a minimum amount of € 10.00.
• The customer undertakes to respect the premises and the things contained therein, any damage voluntarily caused to the structures, but also attributable to inexperience or distraction, will be charged at the cost of the restoration.

Smoke, fires and open flames:
• Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.
• Smoking, burning, lighting candles in rooms, corridors and other rooms is not allowed unless expressly authorized
• It is forbidden to light fires or use candles and open flames even in outdoor areas due to the serious fire hazard.
• It is mandatory to inquire and view the fire prevention provisions, the equipment and the behavior to be followed in case of fire.
• It is absolutely forbidden to ignite any stove, food warmer, grill or open flame equipment whatever the fuel used, inside the rooms or the structure and in the neighboring spaces owned by the structure. For any need, please contact the Reception, we will be happy to be useful.
• It is forbidden to prepare meals in the room, use electric hot plates, machinery and equipment for washing, ironing, heating, etc. and any other arbitrary use of the hotel’s driving force. The prohibition excludes electric razors, hair dryers, bottle warmers, battery recharging of mobile phones and personal computers in accordance with EEC standards and equipped with a special transformer
• It is highly recommended to inquire and view the fire prevention provisions, equipment and behavior to be followed in the event of a fire.

Meals, hygiene and safety:
• For hygiene and safety reasons, it is not allowed to prepare meals in the rooms, let alone hot meals or drinks.
• It is forbidden to introduce prepackaged foods or courses (pizzas, rotisserie foods etc.) unrelated to the hotel. Naturally excluded from this standard are snacks, snacks, hermetically sealed foods and drinks, etc.
• Breakfast and dinner are consumed in the breakfast room, located near the reception, or on the outdoor terrace, when weather conditions permit.
• Hotel guests are not normally allowed to bring food and drinks for breakfast to places other than the special rooms used for the service (in the room or outside the hotel).
• For the purposes of food safety and hygiene, customers are prohibited from bringing food or drinks that are not authorized by the hotel management to their rooms.

Doctor, infetrtive diseases:
• The telephone numbers of the medical guard and the emergency room are contained in the list of useful numbers contained in the folder in the room and can, however, be requested from the Reception.
• Every infectious disease must be communicated to the Management.

Beach: The beach must be booked through the reception staff, who will provide the guest with a “beach pass” showing the dates of the stay and the number of the umbrella intended for the customer.
On the beach the guest will follow the behavioral rules provided by the Marconi Consortium.

Cleaning: Garbage must be collected in the appropriate collection bags located in the bedrooms and in the bathrooms of the bedrooms. It is not allowed to leave rubbish or other in the common areas.

• For your safety, we ask you not to leave valuables and objects unattended but to store them in the special safes in the rooms.
• Please notify and deliver upon the discovery or loss of things.
• Please also, whenever you leave the room, close the door and check that the windows are well closed, in order to avoid any subtraction of values ​​from the rooms.
• It is possible to make a deposit at the reception.

RESPONSIBILITY: The Hotel Management is not responsible for the shortage of objects and / or values ​​of the guests (each Guest is required to take care of the custody of the objects they own), for damages resulting from events of force majeure and the nature of the thing (atmospheric events, natural disasters, epidemics, diseases, fall of trees or branches or products that fall within the nature of plants, wind blows, accidents at the sea, damage or theft of cars in the parking area and in the structure area). For no reason, at the time of departure, discounts will be recognized to cover any or alleged inefficiencies that may occur as a result of the events described above.